Fake Show

Fake Show is a synthetic podcast. And it’s about the atrocious things that people in large tech vendors do.

Fake Show is also a playground where you’ll see the latest, most advanced AI models in the world in action. The more sophisticated these models will become, the more Fake Show will evolve and do more.

Synthetic podcast means that almost everything you’ll see and hear in the show is created with generative AI models. The background music is not yet synthetic, but it will be at some point soon. The dialogues, instead, will never be synthetic. They are written by a human being, and it will remain that way.

But what to talk about? AI models and techniques are useless without a story to tell.

Fake Show uses this incredible power of AI to shed some light on the darkest corners of the IT industry. After spending over 12 years working for large tech vendors, it is estimated that the creator of Fake Show has enough material for 7,000 episodes.